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About Me

Hi, everyone! My name is Andrew Pavlick, and I am a recovering entrepreneur. I graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2007, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in Digital Arts. Shortly after graduation, I started work at LogicJunction, a Cleveland-based company. Most of my efforts there centered on creating 3D content for training and medical simulation applications. From building virtual environments to creating and animating characters, I had a hand in the entire content creation process. In addition, I managed the art pipeline, met with clients, and contributed to other aspects of the business. All of this experience laid the foundation for and sparked my interest in the possibility of opening my own business.

Prompted in part by mobile devices and digital distribution becoming ubiquitous and CG becoming accessible to home users, I moved back to the Shenango Valley in the spring of 2013 and shortly after joined the eCenter to start my (bumpy) entrepreneurial endeavor. I first formed Pixelque, a company focusing on creating mobile game titles. In time I found a business partner and formed a new studio to build PC and console game titles. Early on momentum was on our side. Our studio gained acceptance by the Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo developer programs and was greenlit for sales on Steam within 24 hours of the Steam campaign launch. Unfortunately, life can thwart any entrepreneur's grand plan. In our case, the partnership fell apart.

Then a chance meeting at Buhl Park sent me in a new direction: using game technology for architectural visualizations. With customer discovery firing up and an early prototype in the works, my hope is to do more than simply create a profitable business and bring jobs into the community. Given the accessibility these days of computer graphics technology to home users, my company is now working with local organizations to engage students of all ages in the digital arts and perhaps enable more entrepreneurial endeavors as these students explore their own creative ideas.