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The Barnstormers

So what do you do when you're from the Rust Belt & Schell Games isn't hiring. Why, you go to your local business incubator and try to start your own of course!

The Barnstormers was a prototype for a racing/battle style game. Think Mario Kart meeting air racing circa 1920/30's. Players would be able to pick different planes, modify their attributes, and etc. Players would even be able to battle with one another using everything from smoke trails to "Project Pigeon" guide bottle rockets! Above are some of the art assets created for the prototype. Assets include the iconic Granville Bee Gee Zee & scene props from the demo level "Cleveland National Air Races".

Substance Test Export

Andrew pavlick perp front 3q
Andrew pavlick ortho top
Andrew pavlick ortho back
Andrew pavlick perp back
Andrew pavlick ortho bottom
Andrew pavlick perp front
Andrew pavlick ortho front
Andrew pavlick ortho front close
Andrew pavlick perp side
Andrew pavlick ortho side
Andrew pavlick screenshot 2016 02 10 10 47 43
Andrew pavlick portgal barnstormers 009
Andrew pavlick portgal barnstormers 008
Andrew pavlick portgal barnstormers 010
Andrew pavlick portgal barnstormers 007