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Ave of Flags War Memorial

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The Avenue of 444 flags, located in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, has memorials that address multiple topics. The "War on Terror" memorial was originally designed by the architectural firm IKM, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Currently, phase 1 has been constructed, which consist of towers which are stainless steel; above are five glass panels, each 2 feet high by 4 feet wide. Etched in the dark glass are the names of all military personnel who have died in the War on Terror since 1975. Above, viewers can view the YouTube panorama, Sketchfab model, or search the names on the memorial via the website mentioned above. The towers are part of phase two and fundraising is currently in its early stages.

All of the 3D content creation, video, & WebGL assets were created myself. Website design, UX, and code logic was developed by Jordan Walsh, a separate contractor which I collaborated with for this project.

War on Terror Memorial(HD) - Avenue of Flags - Hermitage, PA.

Avenue of Flags: War on Terror Memorial Panorama

Avenue of 444 Flags Memorial.

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