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Westinghouse Visualization Project

Westinghouse Electronic Corporation is a 2,200,00 square foot location located in Sharon, PA. This storied location has a rich history dating back to 1923 but has since fallen into disrepair when Westinghouse left in the early 1980's. But a new chapter is being written as Valley Shenango Economic Development Corporation (VSED) work toward renovating the location room by room. Startups have already started moving into recently completed spaces and more are on the way!

Current visualization work focused on the creation of two panoramas for spaces currently undergoing renovation. As possible tenants connect with the VSED the graphics can be updated to fit their needs or to display the locations true potential as additional grant money is sought. The website "The Landing" is still under construction but the test website is available from the address below to view the panoramas.

Panoramas can be viewed on the test website at

Andrew pavlick 001
Andrew pavlick 002
Andrew pavlick 003
Andrew pavlick 004
Andrew pavlick 005
Andrew pavlick 006
Andrew pavlick 007
Andrew pavlick 008
Andrew pavlick 2ndfloor 2017 05 05
Andrew pavlick 1stfloor 2017 05 05